Why I'm afraid...

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ok so, I didn't particularly enjoy high school... or school in general for that matter, but for this journal entry, I'll focus on high school. I remember one time I was excited! At the beginning of the school year I chose a class that seems to catch my attention - Creative Writing. I thought I could write stories and poems, I thought I was going to be coached in ideas and how to get them from my brain and down onto paper with descriptions and life like characters. This, I thought, would be cool.

Quickly I realized, it was not what I thought it was going to be. Wah wah. But the worst part ... I was critiqued and criticized on the stories I did write. I have this vague recollection that the teacher actually told me that I couldn't "write well"  and so I just stopped. I stopped putting my imagination down on paper and wrote to the assignments I was given. No more, no less. 

When I think about "blogging" or "journaling" it terrifies me because of this remembered event years ago. But as yoga teaches us to "sit in our discomfort" I thought that I would face this fear with a community that I feel safe with - and that's YOU! So here is to me writing the first of my "journal entries", here is to you reading these entries and allowing me to feel safe in the process. I appreciate you and perhaps as I bring my pen to paper once again, I won't be afraid anymore.





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