Yoga Bits Podcast, Episode 1: The Language Of Yoga

Posted by Amanda Cooley on

Listen to the first podcast in Amanda's new series, Yoga Bits!

In this episode, Amanda and her guest, Kelly, talk about Yoga as a concept and what you should be looking for in your yoga. They discuss in depth the difference between "doing yoga"  vs "practicing yoga" and the overall lifestyle and wellbeing  of introducing yoga into your life.



  • Great information!

    Sarah on

  • Amanda and Kelly, what a great podcast. You opened up so many thoughts in my mind and made me ask myself, why do I do yoga. I did not realize there were 8 limbs of yoga. As Kelly mentioned one may get into yoga to counteract injuries, which I did. Now, I really enjoy it but am quite curious to learn the 8 limbs so I fully understand the life of yoga rather than the 1 hour practice of yoga. Thank you. Looking forward to following you for the 8 weeks.

    Sue Rhoads on

  • Very interesting Amanda and Kelly
    Look forward to next episode

    Jocelyne Gervais on

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